Knitwear for childrenĀ 

The majority of Kauni products are available as ready-made items. In the 2015 catalogue we have marked all of the items for which we have issued a knitting pattern.

T-452 Strikmodeller nr. 8

LV-23 RR10_ LV-23 SS_ LV-23 JJ7LV-23 RR10_ LV-23 SS_ LV-23 JJ7 LV-23 SSLV-23 SS V-23 SSV-23 SS LT-451 GG/RR7LT-451 GG/RR7 LT-451 SS2/YY1LT-451 SS2/YY1 LT-452 LL4/JJ7LT-452 LL4/JJ7 LT-453 DD/SSLT-453 DD/SS LT-461 SS3/AALT-461 SS3/AA LT-465 MM1/GG3LT-465 MM1/GG3 LT-480 EK/KK1LT-480 EK/KK1 LT-480 EME/MM1LT-480 EME/MM1 LT-592 MM1LT-592 MM1